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Japan AGMF stands for Assemblies of God Missionary Fellowship and is made up of AGWM (Assemblies of God World Missions) missionaries serving in Japan. There are 31 missionaries and all have been accounted for during this time.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

(Urgent) 4/7 Tohoku district report strong level 6 aftershock in Miyagi Prefecture

▼Aomori Christ Church (Pastor Shibuya)
Last night’s quaking was intense but only strong enough to topple small things, so we were protected. We lost power and water but as of this morning the water is back. We are still without power. Because of last month’s earthquake everyone was rather frightened.

▼Hachinohe Church (Pastor Galbreath)
Not yet able to make contact. (*Once contact is made their status will be posted ASAP)

▼Akita Fukuin Christ Church (Pastor Hamasaki)
No power at the moment.

▼Yamagata Shinsho Christ Church (Pastor Fuse)
There is no power. Water and propane gas is fine. Yamagata city is entirely without power, traffic signals and trains are not working. It is projected to take a few hours to have power restored.

▼Yonezawa Fukuin Christ Church (Pastor Okubo)
No problems to report.

▼Izumi Fukuin Christ Church (Pastor Ito)
Currently, there is no power or water. Pastor Ito’s cell phone is also not able to receive service. Please pray for that the volunteers that were on their way to Izumi would arrive safely.Thank God, the volunteers arrived safely.

▼Sendai Shinsho Christ Church (Pastor Kawakami)
This earthquake had strong lateral shaking. Since this earthquake was shorter that then last month’s earthquake the only effects were that a few things fell off of the bookcase. 

▼Fukushima Chuo Christ Church (Pastor Ito)
Thankfully the church is fine. The shaking was rather strong but the only effects were that some books and dishes fell off of their shelves.

▼Koriyama Christ Church (Pastor Sanga)
There are no injuries. A bookshelf and dresser fell over and it seems that some cracks from last month’s quake have widened slightly. We have not lost any utilities.

▼Makiba no Asa Christ Church (Miss Sato)
No problems to report.

▼Iwaki Assembly Church (Pastor Okuda)
There seem to be no problems. In fact this morning was the first that the water has worked since last month’s earthquake.

▼Morioka Fukuin Christ Church
Not yet able to make contact. (*Once contact is made their status will be posted ASAP)

▼Shin-ai Christ Church (Pastor Yokoyama)
No problems to report. Because of the earthquake it has not been possible to do snow removal from the roof and so roof tiles and a few window panes have broken and will need to be repaired.

Information complied by Pastor Yoshio Sanga of Koriyama Christ Church

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