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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A report from Toyomi Sanga of Koriyama Grace Garden Chapel (Koriyama Christ Church) 4/7

I give thanks to God for protecting us and keeping us safe, and I also thank all of you for your continual prayers.

Last week, Mr. S, the owner of the hair salon I go to contacted me, and said, "Mrs. Sanga, I knew you were up to something! Is there anything I can do to help?"

So, I talked to Mr. H, a city officer who is in charge of relief supplies at "Pick Palette Fukushima" where I've been volunteering to help with their kids program. He gave us permission to set up a tent for a haircut service, and so we gave people free haircuts on Tuesday the 5th.

About 105 people requested haircuts. Mr. S and another stylist (an owner of another beauty salon) came even though it was their off-day, and they started giving haircut at 8:30 am.

The tent was facing north, away from the sun and it was very cold in there, but once we started, people (evacuees) kept coming in. A little after 10 am, three more volunteer hairstylists from Yokohama showed up, so we had five stylist working for free. The five stylists kept on working until 4 pm, and 79 people were able to get their haircut that day.

In the afternoon, an elderly lady was brought in a wheelchair. I went to her and said, “You are going to be pretty! It feels good, doesn’t it?” and she became teary eyed.

A high school girl R (a church member), Y (a volunteer) and I worked as receptionists and assistants. We also babysat for moms who were getting their haircut, and played with the children who were waiting their turn.

Some other ways we ministered to everyone was to play worship songs such as Hillsong all day long in the tent, as well as praying.

Little by little, we are moving forward.

We will do this again with Mr. S next Tuesday.

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