Japan AGMF Relief Efforts

Japan AGMF stands for Assemblies of God Missionary Fellowship and is made up of AGWM (Assemblies of God World Missions) missionaries serving in Japan. There are 31 missionaries and all have been accounted for during this time.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Five Month Update on Japan Earthquake

August 11 marked five months since the 9.0 magnitude earthquake occurred, causing a tsunami of gigantic proportions and a nuclear crisis at Fukushima Dai Ichi Nuclear Plant. Since then, much relief and now rebuilding efforts have taken place. The Japan Assemblies of God created the following video as a report:

2011.08 Report of Japan Assemblies of God for Earthquake and Tsunami

(The music in the background was written and sung by a pastor's two talented teenaged daughters.)

This summer has been hot as usual in Tokyo and southwards. However, the summer has been unusually hot in the Tohoku area. Already hundreds have either suffered and/or died this summer from heat exhaustion. On August 6, our missionary fellowship used U.S. relief funds to provide 266 fans to be distributed at Japan Assemblies of God church distribution center in Higashi Matsushima near Sendai to all 150 households. The local civic leader printed up vouchers and passed them out to each household, so the whole distribution went very smoothly.